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The incidence of divorce in the United States continues to grow at an alarming rate. Today two in three marriages end in divorce. More and more, attorneys are approached to provide solutions in such disputes. In this information age, the attorney finds himself confronted with an explosion of financial data which must be reviewed, assembled, and presented in a clear and concise manner for effective client advocacy. The attorney can be overwhelmed with information, some of which is highly technical in nature. He may feel it necessary to call on other professionals for assistance in some areas for which he has little time or background.

CPAs are well suited to provide litigation support in areas of taxation and finance. At Holland & Reilly, we possess years of experience in supporting divorce attorneys in managing their cases. Our involvement starts early with an initial conference with the attorney.

The engagement is formalized with an agreement between the attorney's firm and us. The client also signs that agreement. We assist the attorney by assembling, with the client, information that supports the preparation of disclosures such as the financial affidavit and interrogatories. We can prepare the child support guideline calculations, assemble production, prepare pension valuations and analyses, and equitable distribution schedules. Along the way, we offer strategies and tax advice, which are helpful in minimizing the tax consequences of the settlement.

We provide important backup to the attorney in settlement conferences and during mediation. At trial, we serve as expert witnesses.

No matter what his level of experience, the attorney's capabilities are enhanced with additional technical expertise in the financial and tax areas. Our firm is responsive and eager to assist the attorney by performing these functions with the highest degree of efficiency.


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